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LowerBawdy for Bad Knees

LowerBawdy for Bad Knees

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This eBook is the perfect resource for all my beautiful Ladies who desire to develop a lowerBawdy that will enable them to engage in their favorite activities without any pain or unease!


12 Week Digital Portion Control Meal Plan & Clean Grocery List

This guide cannot replace physical therapy but should be used to strengthen the muscles around the knee to help avoid discomfort during exercise.

This guide is essential for couch to gym or or regaining confidence in your leg strength without taxing your knees.

 Whats Included in the eBook?

  • The Basics
    • Mastering the basics moves for an effective leg day will prevent knee pain while training your lowerBawdy and build your training confidence.
  • Quad Focused Workout
  • Glutes & Hammie Focused Workout
  • 30min Leg Day
  • Bawdy Goals Diet Tips