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Reanna Tenae' Nicholson is the passionate Certified Personal Trainer also known as "Fit Ree." 
She is a Mommy of 2 (ages 3 and 25), who married her super amazingly supportive Bestfriend on July 03, 2020. In addition to personal training she also works full-time as an IT professional. 
Her passion for health and wellness was born out of grief when her Father passed away in 2012. Since then training has been her healthy vice and way of positively impacting women around the world.
She was born in Kansas City, Kansas, currently lives in Raytown, MO, but remains a GA Peach at heart. 
Fit Ree strives to live a life that proves being spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially aligned with your personal and professional goals are key to maintaining good overall health.
"Women Lie, Men Lie, Progress Dont"