Join me EVERY Saturday at 915am for totalBAWDY Bootcamp!

Weekly Virtual Training

Weekly Virtual Training

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This product is a weekly subscription paid by clients every Friday via PayPal Subscription. 

The link to make subsequent payments will be sent after checkout in addition to WhatsApp chat link for immediate access to the workouts.

The $30 weekly payment is for 3 workouts each week sent via the WhatsApp mobile application.

Each workout will be sent by midnight (12am CST) for the next day.

Each exercise will include videos displaying proper form, rep range, and exercise name to familiarize clients with names.

Modifications will be provided for exercises as needed, however equipment modifications will not be provided.

Workouts will be performed in both gym and home setting. Minimal equipment requirements are dumbbells of various sizes, resistance bands with handles, cotton booty bands, barbells, and weight bench/step.

If your subscription is NOT paid by Saturday at 12am CST you will be removed from the group and can rejoin (without prior workout history) upon receipt of payment.

This is a great opportunity to train with me long distance while building your confidence in the gym lifting.

Replies to the WhatsApp chat will be disabled to ensure ONLY what I send are in the chat, however you can message me privately via WhatsApp with any questions, concerns, or comments.

I look forward to sweating with you soon!