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12 Week Macro Based Meal Plan

12 Week Macro Based Meal Plan

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This is a personalized product. Once purchased I will email you (to the email address used at checkout) to gather additional information for creating your plan.


A personalized macro based meal plan is not for the average "lifestyle client." This meal plan has both caloric and macro nutrient restrictions to aid in achieving your goals (weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance) with consistent weekly progress when followed to a 't'!

  • Caloric intake calculated is based on clients age, weight, height, and body type
  • Everything you eat MUST be weighed to the provided measurement
  • No guesswork trying to determining what to eat - we will work together to create a plan you can realistically stick to for the 12 weeks
  • Guaranteed consistent results week- to- week as long as you follow the plan to a 't'

A macro based plan is perfect for the below individuals

  • Competitive Athletes
  • Brides
  • Models
  • Lifestyle clients wanting to take their results to another level
  • Individuals with medical conditiona that require caloric and/or dietary restrictions
    • Diabetes 
    • Thyroid issues
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Fibroid issues
    • And many more....